No pictures

I have no pictures for this post but I promise I will soon.  By soon, I mean the next time I head out in search of internet (if I remember my camera).  But here are the pictures you can look forward to.
1. Fenway in a cone! Fenway got something stuck under the nail on his back right paw.  It got red and a little swollen so he licked it (like it was his job).  The vet put him in a “cone of shame” for a week to let it dry out and then he should be back to normal, or as normal as he gets.
2. Our new HOUSE! thats right folks, we bought a house (and we’ll be paying for it for the next 30 years). Its still full of half empty boxes and is in desperate need of painting (can you say flowered wall paper?) but fear not you’ll get to see lots of pictures.
3. Ian turns 29! His birthday is on Saturday and I have a little adventure planned for Friday (Cause he is working on Saturday).  Its a surprise but I’ll fill you in later.

Okay thats the update for now, soon you’ll get to see what I am talking about.


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