Painting begins

We have been working on the house like crazy.  I really want to show it off but there is so much to do to make it pretty.  We’ve started painting and have finished the dining room / front room and the entry way. 

 The first picture is of the reading area in our front room (which is also the dining room).  It opens to the kitchen and has this big picture window (more pictures of that later) where we wanted to put our table but, its bigger than the living room.  The living room is about to get a whole lot bigger, in fact my brother and Ian were helping it along on Saturday (expect a before and after post).  We painted this room a creamy yellow,I think it looks like egg nog and it has made it bright and cheerful.

The second room we’ve painted is the entry way, which is open to the dining room.  It has this awesome slate floor and our old (but magical) wood stove.  We painted it a darker orangey brown to hide the soot that can collect near the stove (originally it was white and just looked dingy all the time).  The picture is after the first coat (note the painters tape) but now that the second coat is up it looks great! I was nervous about the color but now I love it.  Its warm and pumpkin pie like (I guess we are looking forward to the Holidays), the pictures doesn’t do it justice.
Our next big project is that living room and then eventually removing the ugly wall paper from our bedroom and kitchen.  Oh and buying curtains since we own 1 pair.


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