the promised before & after post

One of the biggest problems we had with our house was the lack of living room space.  The previous owners had divided the living room into a small study and a 3rd bedroom, by building a monster wall (seriously, this thing had 3 different frame / drywall layers).  So, in order to reclaim our living room we needed to do some construction.

The top two pictures were taken right after Ian and my brother kicked the wall down.  Okay, so it took more than kicking but I’m pretty sure Zak’s foot helped the process.  It was then that we realized that not only would we be building a new wall / ceiling support system but that we would also be re-wiring.  The room stayed looking like this for a few weeks while Ian learned how to sort out the electrical. Once the electrical was done it was time to install a ceiling beam, wall posts, a new floor board and trim out the whole thing (to cover gaps, because that monster wall was in no way straight).
Finally, not two days before Christmas, a coat of paint went up and we were done! Who’s ready to see the finished project?…

Wait for it…

Here is the living room side,  see the wall post? yup, we installed that. 
and here is the other end, complete with our “corner” office.  Isn’t it pretty?

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