A Goal for 2012

I’m not a fan of the whole resolution thing, people just end up beating themselves up and I’m not a fan of beating yourself up either.  So, this year we set a goal (thats right just 1) and then made a list of ways we can work towards that goal.  This way we can make small, simple steps and still accomplish what we set out to.  
Me with one of our chicks from a few years ago

The Goal:  Become more self-sufficient and live a more sustainable lifestyle (big surprise huh?)

The Steps: in no particular order, we’ll just cross them off as we get to them:

  1. Get chickens: When I asked Ian what we should do in 2012 his suggestion was “get chickens” so, thats what we’ll do.
  2. Save money and pay off debt:  We’ll continue to be frugal and save money, putting that money toward paying off our student loans and on work projects around the house.  
  3. Put in a garden: We’re still working out the plans for this but we know we want to make our own salsa and pickles at least. 
  4. Use less energy: We’ll continue to harvest our own firewood to heat the house and line dry our clothes (when its warm enough outside, no one want frozen underpants)
  5. Compost: Come spring we want to put in an outdoor compost bin to help cut back on waste and get our garden growing big and healthy. 
  6. Work on increasing our home business: By home business I mean Spotty Dog Crochet and also brainstorm other ways of bringing in some extra money.  We know we’ll have more eggs than we need and probably more produce than we need so a farm stand at the top of the driveway might be in our future.

So, there you have it.  Simple things we can do to work towards our goal.  I’ll probably post more about these steps as we work our way through them.  Whats your goal for 2012? go ahead, try it out.


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