New Projects Everywhere!

Now that the Holidays are over I have found myself with lots of time on my hands.  So, I decided it was time to tackle some new projects.  

 Project #1: a rag rug, I am (slowly) working on crocheting a round rug out of old shirts.  Its a messier project than I expected, the rags shed little bits of blue everywhere.  The rug is really small right now but it will (one day) be big enough to put in the living room.

 Project # 2: A bib.  I made up this pattern after not finding any online that I liked.  Its made from 100% cotton yarn so its easily washed and dried.   I know it looks like one side is bigger than the other but I swear thats just the angle of the picture.  This one is for a friend but I think I’ll make a few more for the shop.

Project #3 a wrap diaper cover.  My sister was complaining about how her daughters diapers were too wide in the leg.  So, I came up with a wrap style cover that she can tie as loose or as tight as she needs. Its in the mail right now, hopefully she’ll have some constructive feedback for me and I can perfect it.

Project #4 doesn’t get a picture.  Thats because it isn’t a crocheting project, its a life project.  I got a new job! well technically its more like a promotion but none the less its a job and its awesome.  I am now the Summer Programs Coordinator for the W. Alton Jones Camps.  This means I get to oversee all 4 of the camps that are run from our campus (2 day camps, 1 overnight camp and 1 expedition program).  Its a lot of responsibility but also a lot of fun.

Alright, thats all the updates for now.  I’m off to go crochet something 🙂

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