The Tale of the Traveling Husband and the Snow Storm

 * I am linking up this post as part of the Monday Homestead Barn Hop*

At the beginning of the month Ian’s cousin and his family moved from Rhode Island to Illinois.  All of their belongings made the journey with them except for one car.  The poor car got left behind and it was up to Ian to reunite them.  He left on Friday to drive to Illinois and arrived on Sunday morning.  He is spending Monday visiting and is going to fly back tomorrow.  Fenway and I have been holding down the fort here at the Shippee homestead which, isn’t all that big of deal. Until…

Yup, Snow Storm! It hasn’t snowed here since Halloween but of course, it has to snow roughly 8 inches the week that Ian goes out of town.  Fenway and I spent the last couple days shoveling, clearing cars and hauling firewood.  Well, thats how I spent the last couple days he just ran around and sniffed at things.  Its started to warm up and we have rain coming tonight so by the time Ian arrives tomorrow it will be like it never happened.  Except, I took lots of pictures to prove how busy I was.
Now, aside from snow shoveling, what else is a girl to do when she has the house to herself?

 Decorate! I gave the kitchen a lovely coat of sage green paint (Ian had helped me remove the wall paper before he left, boy was that fun) The green makes a huge difference! the kitchen looks 10 times brighter and happier.  We are planning on painting the cabinets white and getting rid of the horrible vomit floor (I’m sorry but it seriously looks like vomit).  What else?

Crochet! Cause thats all I ever do anyway.  I finished this size small soaker and added a removable red flower so that it can work for boys or girls.  I love the bright red with the gray and white tweed, it looks very rock and roll.  Its for sale now at the shop so check it out! I do have a bit more of the gray and I’m thinking of pairing it with either purple or teal.  I would love a bright pink but I’m having a hard time finding bright pink wool.  Anyone know where I can find some?

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