The Great Outdoors

*I’m linking this post to the weekly Homestead Barn Hop.  Check it out!
This weekend was clear and sunny, the perfect weather for yard work.  Since buying our property in October, we have had big plans to clear space for a garage, a garden and a trail into the woods.  The ultimate goal is to have a barn set back in a clearing off the trail (the first part of our property is a pretty steep hill but then it levels off out by the river).  

 Ian put on his super awesome helmet / ear protectors and took down an old apple tree that was blocking sun from the garden.  We also hauled a ton of brush from out of the garden area, it looks so much better already.  We have decided to go with raised beds in the garden so that we can better control the quality of soil and to cut down on some of the up keep, since I’ll be at camp 4 nights a week this summer.  We still need to build the beds and the chicken coop, they’ll live down by the garden so they can eat bugs / weeds when we are done harvesting.

The great thing about heating with wood (besides it being a renewable resource that greatly reduces our dependence on fossil fuels) is that any time we clear an area, we get free fire wood.  Ian built a sweet saw buck out of old pallets (we don’t waste anything around here) and we have been slowly filling the shed with wood for next year.
We have also been pretty busy working inside the house, expect a post later on this week showing off our newest projects!


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