Buttons and other free things

I love a good deal and even more than a good deal, I love free stuff.  The old owners left a shed full of their stuff behind and even though the majority of it is trash, every once and awhile we find something great.  We’ve already found a set of 3 matching vases, 8 matching tea cups (they are so cute) and an entire box of buttons.  Now, the vases will be used as vases and I might put the tea cups on display in the kitchen, but what to do with the buttons?  I’ve had a lot of suggestions / ideas and so far I have completed one button project.

A monogrammed “S” that is now hanging in our living room.  Cute right? It was super easy to make and since I used materials that we already owned, it cost nothing but 15 minutes of my time.
Step 1: cover the insert that comes with the frame (usually a fake picture of creepy people) with a piece of fabric and tape or glue it around the back.
Step 2: Draw or trace out whatever you want on the front.
Step 3: Super glue buttons in the shape you just traced out.
Step 4: Put the frame together and hang it on the wall.  Thats it, sooo easy!


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