the case of the reappearing chalk board

*I am linking this post up with the homestead barn hop!
When Ian and I got married we decided to use a chalk board instead of printing programs (or whatever you call them).  We wanted to save money and paper and we thought it fit better with our country picnic theme.  Well, for some reason we have been carting that chalk board around with us ever since but, now it finally has a home and a purpose!

There it is, all cleaned up with a new coat of paint.  Ian used the left over scraps from the living room project to trim it up and make a chalk ledge.  We hung it in the middle of the very blank and boring kitchen wall.  It fits perfectly and covers up some marks left behind by the really ugly, bright red, peg board that was hanging there when we bought the house.  That peg board came down the first day we moved in (it was that ugly!).  For now it has a cute little grace written on it but it could easily end up with grocery lists or reminders or who knows? the possibilities are endless!
In other news, Ian got a new job! he is now a tool rental technician at Home Depot, which means he gets to play with power tools all day…its perfect!

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