Not that Winter ever really arrived this year, but it appears as though Spring has sprung.  Fenway and I were cleaning up around the yard yesterday and I stumbled across these little crocuses.  It was a fun reminder of the people that used to live here, there is no way of knowing which former owner planted them.  I am rather shocked that it was 70 degrees out yesterday and that by the end of the week we’ll have temperatures in the 80s.  Forget Spring, thats Summer weather!
Now that I am working full time at camp, I don’t have as much time for fun projects around the house. Pair that with the two new orders that I got from Spotty Dog Crochet and I have NO time for fun projects around the house. Not that I am complaining, work and orders are a great thing!
Ian is currently working on a coffee table for our living room, he has built it out of pallets (yay free stuff!) and now it just needs to be sanded and stained.  It has a cool rustic feel to it and I think its going to look awesome.  Expect a post about it once its finished.
And now… back to work!

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