a new coffee table

 A few weeks ago Ian started working on a new coffee table for our living room.  He build the whole thing out of free pallets buying only the stain and the wheels.   We put it up on wheels so we can move it around the living room when we want more space.  The room is long and narrow so being able to slide the table out of the way is a huge help.

I love it! The nice light color matches our entertainment stand and bookshelf so it looks like it belongs in there.  The two pieces of pallets that are stacked on top of each other make these cute little cubbies that are just the right size for board games.  Its a good thing because we had more board games than fit in our little red storage cube.
Its so exciting to have a brand new piece of furniture that cost next to nothing and its a one of a kind.  What do you think?

I’m linking up to Six Sistershomestead barn hop, and The Morris Tribe

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