Mothers Day and Other Fun Surprises

 Yesterday I got to celebrate my first Mothers Day as a mother.  I realize that the baby is only the size of a lemon and I don’t even look pregnant but none the less, I’m gonna celebrate.  I got fun cards and beautiful flowers from family and friends.  Who doesn’t love another random day in the year where you get presents?

Ians parents got me this hanging planter filled with pretty purple flowers.  They are going to look so great hanging from our porch.  My mom got me a beautiful African Violet that is both pink and white (I’ve never seen a two colored one before). 

As for those “Other Surprises”, now that spring is here we are discovering tons of different plants that are popping up all over our property. By the time we moved in October everything had lost its leaves so we didn’t know what we were going to find in the spring.  Its so much fun to  see what comes up everyday.  So far we have this small shrub with huge white flowers right along side our driveway.

We also found bright pink flowers on the corner of the yard. We might transplant the white flowers to a nicer spot, maybe next to the pink ones.  I’ve never been one to plant flowers, I prefer the more useful plants.  Now that I see them out in the yard I’m starting to really like it.  The whole property looks so festive and cheerful.  Maybe, flowers are more useful than I originally thought.

I’m linking up to The Morris Tribe and The Homestead Barn Hop


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