The Plan

Now that the baby aka “The Rookie” is growing big and strong (tomato sized so says my midwife) I need a plan.  You see, I want to crochet all kinds of fun things for the baby. Blankets, diaper covers, wash cloths, hats, bibs, the works!  All of those fun things take time and I don’t have a lot of that.  So, its time for a plan.
My goal is to crochet like crazy a whole bunch of “ready to ship” items for the Spotty Dog Shop.  I already have 3 soakers and 1 pair of shorties (pictured above).  I’m also working on a 3 pack of cotton wash cloths and would like to get a few of those 3 packs done.  So, I’ll post all my “ready to ship” items and then in August I’ll take down all of my “Custom made” items.  It is a bit of a gamble since custom orders are the biggest part of the business but I can’t spend my 3rd trimester crocheting items for other babies, my baby will need these things too.
So, that will give me 3 months to focus on completing as many projects for The Rookie as possible.  Those are also the 3 months after camp ends so I’ll have more free time in general anyway.

Sound like a decent plan?


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