Father’s Day Fun

I wanted to make Ian’s first Father’s Day very memorable while still keeping things simple.  I saw lots of fun candy wrapper / soda wrapper projects online and decided to make one of my own using them as inspiration. 

 Ian really likes root beer so I started by going to the store and picking up a four pack of “fancy” root  beer in old-fashioned looking glass bottles.  I covered the box with white paper and then decorated each side.  The front says “Our Pop is Tops” (get it?!)

 I used the same colors and designs for all 4 sides so that it would like more like an actual brand of soda.  This side says “Three cheers for root beers!” the fun slogan for our fake root beer company.
On the other small side I wrote ” This Pop is kid test, puppy approved.” to represent a customer recommendation.  I used bright orange, green and blue to keep it very bright and cheerful.
On the last side I put our Father’s Day message.  It says “Happy Father’s Day Daddy! love Fenway and The Rookie.”  The Rookie is what we have been calling the baby, because of the baseball themed pregnancy announcement that we made. 

How are you celebrating Father’s Day?

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