Let the harvest begin

We purposely planted our garden a bit later than most folks so that by the time everything was ready to be harvested I would be done with camp and have more time to work on it.  The plan so far seems to be working out really well.  Little tomatoes are just starting to form and both the eggplants and the pickling cucumbers have flowered.
Just because my garden isn’t ready yet it hasn’t stopped me from putting up what I can on my 1 day off a week.  Our gardens at camp are busting at the seams and I end up taking home a good amount of the leftovers after Fridays farm stand.
So far I have frozen small bags of blueberries (just the right amount for a round of muffins or pancakes) and small bags of grated zucchini (each bag is enough for 1 loaf of zucchini bread).  I also dehydrated strawberries and rhubarb (enough to fill 1 pint sized mason jar of each).
This weekend I came home with a whole bag full of pickling cucumbers and some garlic so I figured it was time to test drive a garlic dill pickle recipe.  I’ve never pickled before so I was a little nervous but it was actually pretty easy.  I made a half recipe and ended up with 7 pints of pickles.  The hardest part was actually cutting all of the cucumbers, the brine cooked up really fast and the jars sealed easily.
In a couple weeks we’ll crack open a jar and see how they taste but for now I am just liking the look of them on my pantry shelf…its so homey.

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