Saving Money on Good Food

The goal that Ian and I set for 2012 was to become more self-sufficient and sustainable.  We have been working on two of the ways we planned to achieve that goal this summer,  the first being “get chickens”.  Having chickens allows us to have fresh, free range eggs, enough for us and some to sell on the side.    
Ian spent the last couple weeks converting a small separate room in our shed into a chicken coop.  Complete with a chicken sized doorway, window and nesting boxes.  Yesterday he brought home 5 Buff Orpington hens that we had been raising at camp this summer.  

 Aren’t they lovely?  They will have free run of the property during the day and will be put back in the coop each night (hence the chicken sized door).  Since they have been raised at camp they are very used to people which will make putting them in at night much easier.
The second way we have been working on our goal is to find ways to save money while still eating healthy, real food.  One of the best ways to do that is to stock up when items are in season and on sale.  We recently received a summer coupon booklet for the wholesale club that we belong to.  Not only did it have great deals on home goods like toothpaste and hand soap but it also had deals on some natural and organic items as well as dry goods.

 When we go on a big “stock up” trip like this I have to get creative with how I’m going to store it all at home.  We currently only have a pretty small fridge / freezer combo (no bells or whistles) so that freezer is always full to the brim.  The easiest way that I have found is to store items in serving sized containers, putting a bunch of small bags into one larger bag also helps to keep things organized.  Like I did with the mozzarella cheese that is pictured above.  There are 3 small bags inside the labeled and dated large freezer bag.  The two bag system also helps keep the food fresh longer and I can always wash and reuse the bags.

As for dry goods, I use all sorts of containers to keep things organized.  The basket in this picture was one of the center pieces at our wedding.  I have close to 30 of them and they get used for everything! They are the perfect size for things like garlic and potatoes which otherwise take up lots of space on shelves.
We are definitely learning as we go and I am always searching for new ways to save money on good food…any suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Saving Money on Good Food

  1. How fun for you that you have chickens. I have considered getting some of my own chickens, but keep talking myself out of it. I live on half an acre in a residential neighborhood and we are allowed to have chickens. I can't give them free run of the whole yard, but there is an area in my back yard where I could provide them with some running, scratching and pecking space. Are there articles on-line that could help me learn more about keeping chickens or do you have other articles on your site here that would be helpful? Thanks for your time. ~Terri


  2. Hi Terri!
    Your set up sounds a lot like what we have at camp, they don't have free run of the place just a coop with an outdoor fenced in area. They get on just fine like that.
    The Morris Tribe is a great website that has a section on raising chickens…you can check it out at
    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. The chickens are a great start! Love those fresh eggs. Besides that we try to grow as much as possible and can the excess. Buying in bulk when things are on sale helps also. This is simple, but one of the best things I started doing was to use ALL the food we had. No more throwing things away. I have to plan a little harder so that things don't go bad and we have learned to LOVE leftovers…


  4. Aww, I get so jealous of people who can have chickens legally. In my suburb (north of Detroit) we aren't able to have any. But one city over (which is just one STREET over!) they can. So until then I can admire set-ups like yours. Very cool. May your chickens be fruitful!


  5. Love the post. We had to get rid of our chickens when my husband started driving truck for the egg farm. I was so sad and the kids too! We get eggs from hubbys work, but nothing like the good homegrown ones.

    How I wish I had 30 baskets like that to store and organize my home, lucky you! It sounds like you are making good use of them.

    We stock up on all kinds of good food. I have learned to shop the clearance bins at the store and then freeze or use up the items I buy. We just got a larger freezer about 8 months ago! It has been a real blessing to us. I love saving money on groceries! My husband and others just do not get it. My sister in law says she should go shopping with me more often because we find such deals.

    I have started a blog about our simple life and all our adventures about becoming self reliant I am at

    below is a post from earlier on in the spring when I first started blogging. It is all about maximizing your grocery budget


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