Yet Another Project

I promise I’ll write a post about something other than nursery projects soon but for now…

 I have been working on a crocheted mobile out of the left over yarn from The Rookies blanket and its finally done! Ian wanted pom-poms and I wanted flowers so I ended up using a combination of both.  The crocheting was the easy part, getting everything attached to the wooden ring was a bit trickier.  I ended up knotting the yarn around the ring and using wire to hang one big blue pom-pom from the middle.
*The pictures were taken in our room because I already had a hook to hang it on.  Yes the wall behind it is half wall paper half pistachio green…I don’t want to talk about it.

My pom-poms aren’t quite as round as store bought ones but I think it adds character (right?).  Our current plan is to hang the mobile in the corner by the changing table since the crib will start out in our room anyway.
This was such a great way to use up that left over yarn, I always end up stock piling little bits of yarn because I can’t bring myself to throw them out.  Now, if I could just find some projects for the other 27 thousand scraps I have kicking around I’ll be all set.
Oh! In other news, I just signed up for a craft fair on the 21st of October.  I realize thats only 1 month before Miss Rookies due date but I have a lot of already made stuff just taking up space and I figure thats the easiest way to sell it off…I may regret that decision though, we’ll see how I feel.

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