5 Things I Learned Canning Salsa

This past week I canned salsa, it wasn’t the first time I’ve done this but for some reason it was much more of a learning experience this time around…

1.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, even if it is written by a very cute, grandma like, lady in an apron.  When my tomatoes started getting ripe I was trying to figure out what to do with them till they were all ready.  I found grandmas website and she said to throw them into the freezer, whole, just as they are, and you can process them all later…Bad idea grandma! I took them out and let them thaw overnight (just like she said) and then it came time to chop them up.  Can you say half frozen tomato water balloons? quite possibly the grossest thing I have ever experienced.  But, I powered through and got them all chopped and in the blender.

2.  Make sure you know how to get the blender pitcher off the base before you fill it full of chopped tomato water balloons.  This is a new blender and I figured it would be just as easy to operate as the old one…boy was I wrong! I pushed and pulled and turned and could not for the life of me get that pitcher off.  It finally came loose with one giant tug and splattered pureed tomato all over me and my kitchen…it looked like a scene out of Dexter (not that I’ve ever seen Dexter but he’s a serial killer right? so I imagine it gets bloody)

3.  You always need way more tomatoes than you think.  I always make this mistake.  Its like I mentally block the sheer quantity of tomato every year.  I sit there staring at my kitchen counter thinking “Good Heavens thats a lot of tomatoes” and then sure enough it all cooks down to 2 and 1/2 tiny little jars of salsa…major let down.

4. Restaurant style (pureed) salsa is soo much easier to make than garden style (chunky).  I roughly chopped all the tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic and then threw them in the blender.  The blender did all the work for me.  I was done in half the time! I’m never going back to hand chopping all those onions (so much crying) and peppers (so much burning).

5. Amish Paste Tomatoes are my new favorite vegetable (okay, fruit).  I grew these bad boys in my garden this summer and they are pretty much perfect.  They grew easily and didn’t require a ton of work, other than the simple watering and weeding.  They are very meaty and have little seeds / water.  They pureed up so well and my salsa cooked down much faster since there wasn’t nearly as much water to cook off.  If you are planning on making salsa or sauce these are the tomatoes for you.

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