No Cost Nesting Boxes

 Our 5 Buff Orpington Hens (we call them “The Ladies”) are just about ready to start laying.  So we needed to get nesting boxes built and set up in their coop.  My super resourceful husband came up with a great way to make them out of stuff that we already had laying around the shed.  They ended up costing us nothing and seem to be working out just fine.
Here is what you need:

 1.  A handy husband with a good supply of tools (actually just a saw and a measuring tape)
 2. Milk crates (we had 5) 
 3. Scrap wood, big enough to fit in the bottom of the milk crate.
4. A good watch dog (actually you don’t need this but he seemed to think he was helping)

Making the boxes is easy. Trace the bottom of the milk crate onto the scrap wood, cut it out and stick it in the bottom of the crate.  We stacked these in the coop for now but Ian is planning on mounting them a little higher up the wall of the coop so The Ladies can jump in and out.
P.S. Yes these pictures are dark, for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to make these at 7:00pm.  Its a good thing they only took about 10 minutes from start to finish.

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