Free Range Fun!

We were so excited to bring home our 5 Buff Orpington hens at the end of August.  Their arrival was a big step in our homesteading adventure and they have proved to be worth all the work (okay, honestly its not that much work at all).

Being welcomed home by 3 of the Ladies after work

We let the Ladies (thats what we call them) free range where ever they would like during the day.  Usually, Ian opens the door to their coop when he gets home from work at 6:30am and by the time I leave for work at 8:30 they are out pecking around the driveway.   Don’t worry, Fenway is great with them.  He occasionally gets close enough to give them a sniff but once they start clucking at him he is off running with his tail between his legs.  What kind of Pointer is afraid of chickens?!

Our chicken gargoyles stand watch over the driveway

Letting them roam free is great for them.  They get a varied diet, lots of adventure and are the happiest little chickens.  I know its hard to believe but by giving them freedom we really get to see their personalities (yes, chickens have personalities) We have one lady in particular who we call “The Rogue”.  She is always the first to investigate something new and is often the hardest one to wrangle back into the coop at night.  She was the first one to venture out into the yard and has even walked right up onto the porch to say hi!

They have grown quite a bit since we brought them home and we’re expecting eggs any day now! I had better start looking for new recipes.

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