Winter Sustainability Tips

My Simple Summer Sustainability has become my most popular post so I figured it was time to share some winter tips as well.  Winter tends to be a time when we struggle with sustainability.  Lets face it, the winter can be dark and cold and we want nothing more than to crank up the heat and curl up with some cocoa.  Here are some simple ways to keep your impact low and your bank account happy.

1. Close the curtains.  Thermal or insulated curtains can be expensive and we have been slowly replacing ours whenever we find them on sale but even regular curtains can make a difference in the temperature of a room.  When the sun is shining push the curtains open and let the sun warm the room up.  Once the sun sets (or moves away from that window) close the curtains to keep the warmth in and cut back on drafts.

2. Use a drying rack.  Depending on where you live, hanging clothes out to dry in the middle of winter might not be an option.  I for one do not like my clothes frozen.  However, I also don’t like running my dryer a lot so I got a dryer rack.  I set it up near our wood stove and dry some of our lighter things like napkins and kitchen rags.

3. Switch to cloth.  Okay so this doesn’t just apply to winter but its a good a time as any to start making the switch to cloth items.  We use cloth napkins, rags, and towels in the kitchen and cloth wipes as tissues.  Not only does this cut down on our paper waste but it also saves us a good amount of money.

4. Stock up when things are in season.  This one takes some planning but it will end up saving you in the long run.  Start in the summer by making a list of commonly used fruits and vegetables, then as they come into season buy them in bulk.  Fruits and veggies are healthier when they are bought fresh and much cheaper when they are in season.  You can preserve them in a number of different ways including canning and dehydrating but the easiest way by far is to freeze them.

5. Buy used.  Winter weather means winter gear and lets face it, that stuff is expensive.  Check out local thrift stores for things like sweaters and coats.  Also, layer up using some of your warmer weather clothes.  A cardigan, some leggings and a cute pair of boots can turn that summer dress into a winter look easily.

These are just a few of the things you can do to save yourself some money and reduce your impact on our environment.  For more tips see my posts: Simple Summer Sustainability and Give Me 10 Steps.  If you have any other tips feel free to share them in the comments below, I love learning new ideas!

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3 thoughts on “Winter Sustainability Tips

  1. Thanks for the tips…I always stock up on seasonal stuff from the farmer and preserve away…bought in bulk it helps the local farmer…keeps money in the local economy…and keeps prices down.


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