Preparing for Bad Weather

We spent the week before preparing for the arrival of “Sandy” (Which isn’t a very threatening name for a hurricane, it should have been Igor or something) and now that her chaotic visit has come and gone I figured I might as well let you in on how we prepare for bad weather of all sorts.

Southern New England likes to panic and send everyone running to the store for bread and milk (don’t ask, I honestly couldn’t even tell you why) we, however, would prefer not to deal with the panic and did our best to avoid it.  We hit up the store early that Saturday morning and managed to beat out most of the crowds.  We picked up some batteries, bottled water (which I hate buying but I know it will last forever), and tarps.
Wood stacked on the porch so we can access it easily
Ian had spent the last week hauling our firewood for the year and it was still outside in piles waiting to be split…Sandy has excellent timing.  So we spent Sunday stacking it up as best we could and then covering it with tarps.  Luckily, we had a bunch of old pavers laying around so we were able to weigh the tarps down pretty well.  Even with the strong winds that we got, the tarps haven’t budged.

Tarp covered wood pile waiting to be split
We noticed this past winter that the wood shed roof had seen better days.  Parts of it were pretty leaky and we knew that what wood we did have in the shed would be useless if we didn’t get it covered.  Ian climbed up and secured another tarp over the roof with scrap wood and screws.  So far, its done a good job of keeping out the rain and it hasn’t blown around at all either.  We’ll keep the tarp on all winter and see about making more permanent repairs come spring.  
Ian securing a tarp to roof of the woodshed
I planned ahead and cooked a whole chicken and then made stock with the bones.  This way we would have lots of leftovers for easy meals. Our gas stove is pretty easy to get lit and I can always cook on the wood stove if I have to.  I figured a big pot of soup would be simple, healthy and warm.  I also got both sandwich rolls and muffins baked over the weekend so breakfasts and lunches are all set too.  

When it comes to New England weather you’ve got to plan ahead and then be prepared to change that plan at a moments notice (they say if you don’t like the weather to wait 5 minutes because it will change).   The good thing is that once you are prepared you should be all set for the season, so at least now we can say we are ready for winter!

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