Nursery Reveal (Finally)

After months and months of working on little projects for The Rookies nursery, we finally put it all together this weekend.  I am so happy with how it came out! We painted it a peachy tan color (Ian isn’t a huge fan but I think it works) and then decorated with lots of bold colors and shapes….Check it out!
The changing station

The room is small and doesn’t have a lot of wall space so we had to get creative with how we arranged the furniture.  This changing area has plenty of storage thanks to the plastic drawers and baskets.  The frame on the wall has a Roald Dahl quote in it along with the crocheted mobile.

A place to sit and rest

The room has a rather annoying sloped ceiling with two big doors that open up to the storage space in the eaves of the house.  That made it really hard to fit everything we wanted / needed in the room but we did the best we could.  I would love to slip cover this chair at some point but for now its a comfortable place to sit and cuddle with a baby.  The crocheted blanket was the first thing I made for The Rookie and I love the way it looks on the back of the chair.  We hung the flannel airplane blanket on the closet door to add a little spice to another wise boring area.

multi-purpose room…Hi Fenway!
We still have the guest bed set up against the big window.  We’ll need it for the Holidays and since The Rookie will be sleeping with us for awhile anyway, we figured it would be easiest to keep it for now.  It will have to go when she moves in full time though, there is definitely not room for both.  Hanging on the wall above the bed are the painted canvases that I made.  I love the bold colors and prints on them, it really brightens up the space.  We have white curtains to hang in the window along with the little banner that my sister got us to decorate our baby shower.  It looks so sweet above the window. 

Another corner full of stuff…baby’s have a lot of stuff

This is the second piece of the sloped ceiling, yet another hard space to work with.  The dresser is actually empty.  We ended up storing all The Rookies clothes in the plastic drawers by the changing table and the closet.  We are planning on selling the dresser to free up some space in the room.  The diaper holder that came with the crib bedding is hanging from the window with a stuffed raccoon peaking out.  Diaper holders seem a bit silly to me but this was a fun way to add color and a bit of a surprise.  The moses basket has various baby carriers in it and we added a little tribute to her nickname with the Red Sox storage box, a history of Fenway Park book, and a mini Louisville Slugger.

Now all thats left to do is wait for The Rookie to get here so she can see it for herself!

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