A Gentle Cesarean Part 3

*This is part 3 of a 4 part series on ‘Gentle Cesarean Sections’ and the birth of our daughter, Matilda Piper.  It is my goal that by sharing this I will be able to encourage the many moms who end up needing medically necessary C-sections to take control and have the best possible birth for both them and their babies. You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Below is a copy of the plan that we brought to the hospital.  The only things that were not approved by the hospital was that our doula, Sam, was not allowed in the OR with us and that Ian and the baby left the OR approximately 5 minutes before me instead of staying with me the whole time.  We were able to discuss those changes with the doctor / nurses and compromised.  Sam was able to come with us as far as the operating room door and wait just outside until the surgery was over.  When Ian left with the baby a nurse stayed with me so that I wasn’t alone.  It is important to keep in mind that there are certain policies that hospitals have to follow so you may not get everything you request in your birth plan.

Our little family in the recovery room
Birth Plan
*We would like to request a Gentle Cesarean*
 We realize that cesareans and other surgeries are a common event at hospitals.   However, we ask that the staff respect that this individual surgery is a unique and never to be repeated event in the life of our family. For us, it is neither common nor routine, but rather is an event that will have effects lasting a lifetime. It is my goal that should a cesarean become necessary for this birth that the entire process be treated as the joyful, celebratory, respectful event that birth was meant to be.
  • ·     I would like to be kept modestly draped
  • ·     Be aware that I would like to deliver vaginally when I am next in labor. Please take every measure necessary to ensure that a VBAC will be possible.
  • ·     I would like to meet each staff member in the OR who will be participating in the cesarean.
  • ·     Explain all medications that will be used to me. I prefer oral medications.
  • ·     I would like for my husband, doula and baby to stay in the OR with me while surgery is completed and remain in recovery with me.
  • ·     If the baby needs medical assistance requiring leaving the OR I’d like our doula to attend to me in the OR while my husband goes with the baby so I won’t have to be alone.
  • ·     Please lower the curtain and hold my baby up so I can see him/her at the moment of birth.
  • ·     I do not consent to my arms being strapped down; I would like them loose so I may touch my baby freely. 
  • ·     I would like my baby to remain connected to the placenta after manual extraction, as the cord will continue to pulsate for some time. I would like the cord cut once the cord has stopped pulsating near the umbilicus.  If this is not possible please use cord milking.
  • ·     I would like my baby placed skin to skin on my chest immediately after basic assessments while in the OR. My husband can hold baby there with a warm blanket over my baby.
  • ·     I would like to breastfeed my baby as soon as possible in recovery.
  • ·     Please remove the epidural and catheter (if necessary) as soon as possible so that I may begin moving around.
  • ·     I do not consent to any sedatives or tranquilizers being administered.
  • ·     In the event the baby requires medical attention beyond that of a healthy baby, please inform me verbally of what is needed or will be needed so I can actively participate in choices made for my baby’s care.
  • ·     Limit the number of persons who touch or attend my baby to only those on staff as needed and my husband.
  • ·     I request my baby not be bathed or fully dressed until we have the opportunity to bond and my husband or I am able to participate in the bathing.
  • ·     I do not consent to vitamin K, eye ointment, or any vaccinations being administered to the baby.
  • ·     I plan to breastfeed exclusively, so no pacifier, formula, or sugar water should be given to the baby.
  • ·     No tests shall be performed or medications administered, etc. without my (or my husbands) consent & prior knowledge.
  • ·     We would prefer to have 24 hour rooming in; pediatric exams should be performed in my room and in the presence of my husband or I. 

*Stay tuned for the last post in this series: Recovery and looking back
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