Felted Wool Dryer Balls

3 of my dryer balls after being felted

I started reading about wool dryer balls when I was researching cloth diapers for Matilda.  The more I read the more I loved the idea of a chemical free, reusable fabric softener but I’ll admit I was skeptical.
I used some of my spinning fiber and made a set to try.  First, they were much easier to make than I expected.  I had never felted before but they came together no problem.  Once I had them made I tossed  the 3 of them in the dryer with a load of laundry and waited (somewhat impatiently).

…Guess what?

They worked! My clothes were just as soft and fluffy as usual and as a bonus they dried faster than they normally do because as the balls bounce around they allow more air to circulate.  The only downside was that there was some static cling but not enough to bother me.

I  use scrap wool yarn to help the balls keep there shape and to add a little color

Does anyone already use wool dryer balls?

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