A Quick Update

Matilda, at almost 2 months old, cuddling with Fenway

Just a quick post to update all of you with the goings on around the homestead.  I’ve got a  few good things and one not so good thing.
Are you ready? We’ll start with the not so good thing…

1. We lost one of our chickens to what we are guessing was a hawk (there were no tracks in the snow). With a good amount of snow on the ground, the Ladies have lost their ability to camouflage.  So, we’ve  decided to keep them inside their coop unless we can be outside specifically watching them.  I love letting them roam about the yard but its just not safe right now.  Once the snow melts we’ll go back to letting them out each morning.

One of the Ladies playing in the snow

Now for the good stuff…

1. In other chicken related news, we’ve got eggs! All 4 of our remaining Ladies have started laying.  If you follow us on facebook the you know that we had some laying issues.  The Ladies were a little confused and started laying eggs all over the place.  The middle of the driveway, behind our propane tank, and even on our front steps (that one turned out a bit messy, the steps are cement).  Now that they are inside most of the time it is much easier to collect eggs!

2. Did you see my pretty social media buttons? I think I might be getting the hang of this whole blog design thing (well, the basics anyway) Did you notice that one of them is for Twitter? Yup, I started a twitter account and have been having fun trying to figure it all out.  You should definitely go follow me (I only have 8 followers and that is sad).

3. The arrival of eggs means that its time to set up our road side stand and in order to have a stand our farm needed a name.  Ian and I settled on “Half Moon Farm” what do you think?

4. Lastly, check out this picture that my friend Michaela shared on facebook.  She made my Homemade Dog Biscuits for her pooch Gracie Mae.  Aren’t the shapes adorable?

Dog bones and fire hydrants, how cute!

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