Home Management Binder – Meal Planning

There are a million different home management / organization binder plans all over this little thing called the internet.  So, of course I had to throw mine into the mix.  Seriously though, there are so many different plans because you have to make a binder that works for you and your family, otherwise it will sit collecting dust.  This is what works for us, it keeps us organized and on top of our goals.  Some days I think we’d be lost (and probably very hungry) without it.

Our binder has 5 sections which I’m going to break up into 3 posts.
Meal Planning
Housekeeping & To-Do
Contacts & Home Business

Meal Planning
This is our biggest section.  I’ve found that in order to eat healthy and save money I have to be super organized.  It also is very detailed to save us time and so that if something came up (I got sick or stuck at work late) Ian could grab the binder and be all set.

Menu: I only plan out individual meals for supper and just list options that we can choose from for breakfast and lunch.  This works for us because we don’t often eat breakfast and lunch at the same time.  I used Microsoft Word to create a chart style menu for our suppers and included a place to write down any prep I might need to do for the next day.  The prep space reminds me to take things out of the freezer to thaw or to soak grains.  On days when there is no prep I’ll use the time to get some baking done.

Grocery List: This is another chart style document.  It includes a space to mark off what store to buy the item at and whether or not there is a sale or if we have a coupon.  I keep the weekly store ads and the coupon envelope in the front pocket of the binder so we can refer back to them as we add things to the list. We typically go shopping once a week.

Produce Lists:  I keep a list of in season produce organized by month as well as a copy of the “Clean 15″(lowest pesticide use) and “Dirty Dozen” (highest pesticide use) fruits / vegetables list to help me keep track of what to buy and when.  I found both online and printed them.

Recipes: I keep a few recipes that I use a lot in this section. I find it easier than looking them up every time I need to make them, like my sandwich rolls, which I make almost weekly.

I sit down at the end of every week (usually Friday or Saturday) and plan out the week ahead.  I always take a look through the pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what needs to be used up.  I also will check with Ian to see if he has any requests.  I keep the calendar handy so that I can plan simple meals, like leftovers, on days when I know we’ll be busy.

What are somethings you’d include in your home management binder?

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