Quick Tip Tuesday- 2/5/13

A while back I posted some questions on my facebook page.  It was a fun way to get conversation started and I gathered lots of great ideas and suggestions.  In fact, you folks had so many great ideas that I just had to share them here for everyone to read! I’ll be posting one of the tips you shared here every Tuesday as a way to keep us all motivated and working towards our goals.  

What are some of your  reusable solutions to disposable items?

we wash out and reuse ziploc bags until they get holes, repurpose glass peanut butter jars for drinking glasses, and yogurt containers for paint and water cups for kid panting days. i use received envelopes and cut up paperboard food boxes to write grocery lists on (envelopes are nice because you can tuck coupons inside them).

Head on over to our Facebook Page to leave your tip, then check back HERE every Tuesday to see if you have been featured!

And now for a picture of a baby…cause who doesn’t love pictures of a baby?

Tilly sitting up like a big girl (with a little help from Daddy)


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