Home Management Binder- Contacts

This is the third of three posts about our Home Management binder.  You can read part one about our meal planning section HERE and part two about our housekeeping and to-do section HERE.

Contact Lists: In this section we have a series of contact lists.  Each list has space for names, addresses and phone numbers.  We divided the sections up into Family, Friends, Work, and Home.  The Home section includes space for oil / propane companies, insurance companies as well as our doctors. 
I always keep extra blank sheets tucked into the back of the binder so that I can add people when I need to. 
Ian and I both operate some small home businesses.  I run A New (England) Shop and sell at the occasional craft fair.  He sells the extra eggs we get from the chickens and also does some random tool repair work for friends.  
Monthly Sales / Income:  We track our orders, sales and income on a simple chart.  We just write the date, what was sold, and how much it cost.  It helps us stay on top of orders and shows us what is popular and what isn’t.  
Business Cards and Labels: We use clear plastic sleeves to hold business cards for A New (England) Shop and labels for our egg cartons.  That way they are handy when we need them. 
As I said before, this is the easiest way for us to stay organized.  Feel free to rework our ideas to best fit your family.  

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