And Then Winter Happened

I’m sure by now you have seen and read a million accounts of the dreaded “Nemo”…

Nemo.  Really? thats the best they could come up with?

Friday night at around 6:00pm

Here on our little homestead we faired pretty well.  We had prepped for bad weather before the arrival of “Sandy” and so with a little organization we were ready to go.  The biggest thing was making sure we kept up with shoveling and plowing so as to not get totally buried.

Saturday Morning
 We ended up with around 25 inches of snow.  The wind was pretty crazy and we had some drifts that were as tall as Ian.  Thankfully, we didn’t lose power but a lot of our friends and family weren’t so lucky.  The power company has been working hard and hopefully they’ll get it restored soon.  We did lose our tent shed.  The winds were just too strong and it collapsed in a snowy heap.
Tilly helps Ian plow

We’ve been hurrying to get everything cleared before the freezing rain forecasted for Monday night turns everything into solid blocks of ice.  We’ll have to wait till spring to see if the tent shed is usable, It came down early in the storm and is now covered with snow.

Tilly and I enjoying the weather

Honestly, I like the snow.  The whole place looks crisp and clean.  besides, you are never too old to build a snowman…which I might go do right now.

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