Homemade Holiday

This year, in an effort to save money while still celebrating, Ian and I decided to have a “Homemade Valentines Day”.  We challenged ourselves to find creative ways to surprise each other without spending money.  At first I was nervous, thinking it would be difficult to get past red paper hearts, but it turned out great!

Me and my Valentine

I made a homemade version of Ian’s favorite candy, peanut butter cups.  This was especially risky since I am allergic to peanut butter and couldn’t taste them.  I just had to follow the recipe (Thank you, Pinterest) and hope it worked.  Which it did, according to him.

A note from Tilly

Even Matilda got in on the fun.  She (okay, who are we fooling?) left little notes around the house for Ian to find.  Since Ian was watching her while I was at work, the notes were taped to her various baby supplies.
When I got home from work I was greeted by a scavenger hunt.  The funny clues led me all over the house and yard.  I eventually “found” Ian and Tilly who had made a big card for me.
Over all, I would say our homemade holiday was a success.  We both had fun, saved money, and were able to be creative.  It was much more personal than the traditional store bought card and candy.
How did you celebrate?

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