10 Things You Should Know About Us

*Updated 8/31/14
With a lot of new visitors finding their way to our tiny corner of the world, I figured it was time to tell you a little bit more about us.
*note: Matilda is our now 21 month old daughter and Fenway is our now 4 year old dog.

And so…I give you 10 things you may or may not want to know about us (In no particular order)

1. We officially named our homestead “Half Moon Farm” when we started selling eggs.
2. We are pretty convinced Fenway thinks he’s a human.  When given the opportunity he will sleep under a blanket with his head on a pillow.

Fenway, all tucked in for a nap

3. Ian is a licensed pilot, hoping to someday become a flight instructor. Matilda has an entire wardrobe of airplane themed clothing, all of which are considered “boys” clothes (Why can’t girls wear airplanes?)
4. Kai has worked at 4 different summer camps for a grand total of 13 years, that is a lot of s’mores!

Dressed for camp at 6 months pregnant

5. We have about a million nicknames for Matilda our favorites being “Tilda-beast” and “Matilda P. Stinkbottom.”
6. The Ladies (our chickens) will run up to see us when we pull in the driveway and will follow Ian all over the yard.

Helping collect eggs

7. Kai became a consultant and educator with Diaper Parties in the summer of 2014.  She teaches parents all about cloth diapering, baby wearing, and more! You can find out more about Diaper Parties HERE
8. Ian plays the french horn.  His brass quintet provided all of the music at our wedding, with a replacement horn player since Ian was a little busy.

Helping Daddy practice

9.  Fenway is a “mutt,” but mostly a mix of beagle and pointer. We call him a Poigle and are convinced it will become the next designer breed…look out Labradoodle!
10. Matilda loves going for rides in Dad’s Jeep. We call it the Sleep Jeep when we head out for a Snooze Cruise.

See, we’re not too weird…right?

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6 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Us

  1. Hearing of you from the farm hop; you sound/seem like a charming young family and I'm looking forward to scrutinizing/enjoying your blog. I know nothing about New England; I'm from California.


  2. By the way, we had a mutt for ten years and he was the love of our life. He just passed away last August, leaving a huge HOLE in my soul. We called him a Speagle—spaniel & beagle. His early life wasn't great; neglected by a former owner, or he might have lived a bit longer. His growth had been stunted as a puppy, so he never quite grew into his huge feet and long legs. He kind of loped when he ran, like some graceful (tall!) creature on the African plain. It was our privilege to be his adopted mommy & daddy. He loved to be covered up with a blanket and lay his head on a pillow, too. Mostly…and Mommy didn't so much advocate this…he liked to sleep with his head next to Daddy's all night, UNDER the human bed covers. He was a fierce watchdog; little did the bad guys know what a wuss he was when he knew he could relax, wanting nothing more than to be cuddled. He would melt against you as if to absorb you, limp, with blissful abandon. I'll miss him forever; loved all my rescue/special-needs dogs over 25 years of married life…but he was The One.

    Loved hearing about Fenway; what a great name.


  3. Aww he sounds amazing! There is nothing in the world that will love you the way a good dog will. Fen is definitely “the one” for us, I still call him my first baby and probably always will.
    *glad you stumbled across our little piece of the internet, I hope you enjoy!


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