Plans for Spring

If you follow along on Facebook you know that a surprise March snowstorm had me doubting spring would ever come.  But, with temperatures in the low 50’s this week I am finally allowing myself to think “spring”.  The driveway has turned into a muddy mess and the chickens have dug up all the leaves from the backyard in search of bugs so I think its time to start making plans.

Tiny tomato plants

We’ve got some grand ideas for this spring including moving the garden and building a new raised bed.  It will be time to start seeds soon and I am thinking of doing a whole bed of tomatoes this year to hopefully avoid last years salsa let down.  I also want to plant pickling cucumbers (Ians request), hot peppers, basil, cilantro, chives, and I think I’m going to give storage onions another try.  Last year I ended up with one teeny tiny onion, not exactly what I had in mind .  If anyone has any onion advice I’d love to hear it!

See those bumps on the front steps? Thats our garlic

Last fall I started some garlic in 3 large pots.  They have been sitting on our front steps all winter and were looking pretty good up until recently.  We’ve had a lot of rain lately paired with a lot of snow melting and I’ve read that garlic doesn’t do well if its too wet.  Hopefully, I fresh layer of chicken coop shavings will dry it out a bit.

What do you have planned?

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6 thoughts on “Plans for Spring

  1. We planted garlic last year, but it was our second year doing so. And I realized we need to plant a lot more garlic if we want to use it all year! So I planted a much larger piece of ground this past fall. We just put a bunch of straw over the top, and then when the green starts coming up in the spring, we will pull the straw back. I'm sure it will be fine 🙂


  2. I'll be following you and gardening vicariously. 🙂 We are living on the second floor of a condo with no balcony here in Juneau. We'll be getting a lot of sunlight, so I may attempt some herbs in containers.


  3. Popping over from PRM.
    We had 2 back to back big snowstorms, rather unheard of for our parts right when our cool weather garden seeds arrived.
    Then several rains, with the last being heavy. A blessing for us since we've been in drought conditions for a long time.
    Mid March is our start up of gardening. We'll be a little late, garden needs to be worked up then it's full steam ahead. Hubs is on his last day of work on our roto tiller!!!!!


  4. My husband just sounded positive towards me buying a real growing tray set up for our house so I can start our seeds in the basement and keep them warm with enough light, too. Yippee! Time to start shopping, I think!


  5. I planted garlic for the first time last fall and I am curious to see how it will do. I'm in New England too and the weather has been just….weird. But I guess it's like that every year! Good luck with the garden:)


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