You Might Be A Hippy…

Hippy, Crunchy, Granola, Green…I’ve heard them all and embraced them.  Call it whatever you want but at the end of the day I’m just trying to keep my family healthy and happy and I think we can all agree on that.

None the less, I’ve compiled a list of the hippiest (yes spell check, I know that isn’t a real word) things I do….who’s ready?

One of “The Ladies” hard at work

1. I make my own gripe water.  Seriously, that little bottle of baby burp juice is expensive besides the ingredients were all sitting in my pantry so I might as well mix up a batch and save my pennies.

2. We raise chickens.  Our lovely ladies provide us with free range eggs and hours of entertainment.

3. We don’t have a TV.  Okay, thats not entirely true, we have a TV but it doesn’t have an antenna so it gets no channels.  We use it to watch movies, sometimes, but we mostly just watch the chickens.

4. One word…co-sleeping (or is that two words?)

5. Our medicine cabinet contains more mason jars than pill bottles, also I should totally earn some bonus points for saying things like “gargle some apple cider vinegar and see how you feel.”

Our co-sleeeping setup. Tilly’s crib attaches to our bed

6. I line dry our clothes and have been known to set up a drying rack next to the woodstove.  If I have to run the dryer I use felted wool dryer balls to speed up the process.

7. Those felted wool dryer balls…I make them myself.

8. We use cloth diapers.  Well, Matilda uses cloth diapers.  The rest of us have been potty trained for over 20 years now.

9. Furniture out of pallets…check.

10. My grocery list has things like flax seed, coconut oil, and gallon sized jugs of apple cider vinegar (see # 5)

I could probably go on (perhaps another time) but I think you get the point. What not so ordinary things do you do?

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8 thoughts on “You Might Be A Hippy…

  1. Do dryer balls really cut down on drying time? I thought they were in lieu of dryer sheets- which I don't use because I am cheap and my clothes are plenty soft enough but if dryer balls cut down on drying time I might consider getting some. I love my clothes line but it is only useful 2-3months a year….


  2. Oh my goodness! I do almost all of those! My kids share a room and it's not with me (finally!) and I don't line dry my clothes because it never stops raining or misting or being wet around here… 😦
    I do make lots of fermented foods though! Kefir, kombucha, saurkraut, beet kvass, and mixed veggies – Yum! Oh and laundry soap, hand soap, shampoo, etc… 🙂 Feels good just saying it. Makes it all worth it.


  3. Yeah, I definitely do almost all of those, although the kids recently moved from my bed to their own bed…in my room 🙂 And I have no idea where to find these free pallets that everyone is always talking about using! Any suggestions?


  4. I recycle my candles, use coconut oil for everything from deep frying to mouth rinse, I have house plants for the express purpose of filtering the indoor air and I quilt, knit and sew. Crunch Crunch.


  5. I have a house in the mountains of Guatemala. Gotta travel to town to use the internet. No electricity, no running water, cook over an open fire. Goats, chickens, etc. This is crunchier than alot of people I know could ever handle. Mother in law heals with plants, etc..LOL 'Nuff said.


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