Life without a Microwave

Yup, that’s right we don’t own a microwave. Man, I should have added that to the Hippy List. Its cool though, I just do my thing microwave-less and maybe you should too.

Why?…This article will explain.

How?… I’ll take care of that part.

To start with,  I make the majority of our food at home, from scratch.  No Easy Mac, no Hot Pockets, nothing that requires the use of a microwave in the first place.  Does it take more time? yes of course, but I’m okay with that.  The health benefits of home made food totally outweighs the extra time spent in the kitchen.  Besides, I’ve had a lot of fun learning all kinds of new recipes and cooking techniques.

A simple small sauce pan can melt butter or coconut oil right on the stove, its also great for heating up leftovers and soups. Speaking of leftovers, We picked up some glass containers that are oven safe.  I can store leftovers in them and pop them in the oven when its time to eat. Also, A good sized toaster oven can warm smaller things up quickly so you don’t have to run your whole oven for a couple slices of pizza.

Once you get the hang of life without the microwave its gets pretty easy.  We haven’t had one in almost two years and at this point I don’t even think about it.
Could you give up your microwave?

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13 thoughts on “Life without a Microwave

  1. We were given a microwave when we got married, and when it died I didn't replace it – knowing I didn't really want one. Then, my mother bought us one because she thought we needed one…so we have one again. I have hidden it in my armoire now, so at least it is not visible. I only really use it to heat up my coffee. For some reason my kids don't like to let me drink it while it is still hot in the french press 🙂


  2. Can't you get one of those electic single coffee cup heating pad things? People get them for their offices I think but it would work at home!

    Our microwave has been in the basement for almost two years and we really only use it if we are desparate like to heat up water really quickly…probably only gets used a couple times a month. I hate the thing! 🙂


  3. I donated our microwave a month ago when we decided to go on a mostly raw diet and bought a juicer! I haven't missed it yet. Though I already had a toaster oven to reheat food because it's so much better than in the microwave.


  4. Hi! I am your newest follower. I am working on becoming “simple”. Its not always easy for a city girl but I have come a LONG way! 🙂

    I found you on UBP13. Im not sure if you have a UBP post or not so I figured I would post here.

    We did not have a microwave for most of our marriage. I just did not really see a need for one. I did not have one growing up as a kid. A few months ago, someone from our church bought us one! I was very grateful that they thought of us. I felt bad not taking it so it sits on our counter. I do use it from time to time but only because it is there. lol!


  5. when mine broke last june i have been without it and i do not miss it with the exception of when i used it for quick crafts and junk but i found other ways past that lol but i dont miss it


  6. I've never had a microwave and I've never missed it! When the craze started that every kitchen and family needed one, I took a step back and decided if I was too busy to spend 1/2 hour cooking a great meal, my priorities were not right.When I don't have a lot of time to cook – I saute veggies w/tofu, add some spices serve over rice or pilaf or other grains. I don't miss the weird microwave smell either. Our grandmothers, or great grandmothers didn't need a microwave ovens, they were creative!


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