Homesteading While Working Full Time

Ian and I are both currently working full-time.  Pair that with raising a 5 month old (she’s that old already?!) and it can be hard to stay on top of all this homesteading.

I have had several people ask me how we manage it all so I figured it was time to let you in on our secrets. 
For starters, you have to know what you consider priorities and what you consider “if you have time” tasks.  We know that living the way we do is a priority for us, so we are willing to put in the extra time to make it happen.

Our Home Management binder keeps us organized
We spend time each weekend (usually Sunday evening) planning the week ahead.  We use our Home Management Binder to write out shopping and to-do lists, and meal plans.  We also talk through the week, reminding each other of any appointments that we may have.  
Our weekends are for getting stuff done.  This weekend I baked bread, tortillas, and cookies.  They are packaged up so that we can eat them through out the week.  That makes it much easier to prepare weeknight meals.  We also started seeds for the garden, Ian fixed a lawn trimmer, and the house got a good cleaning.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have any fun, we also got dinner with friends on Saturday evening.  
We take turns working on things.  If I start a load of laundry before I go to bed, Ian will move it to the dryer when we leaves for work at midnight (he currently works 3rd shift), come morning I’ll take it out of the dryer, and Ian will fold / put it away while he hangs out with Tilly during the day.  It takes both of us to get it done but we always have clean clothes. 
This weekend we went to a kids consignment sale and got a really good deal on a baby monitor and a pack n’ play.  Both of these items are super handy when it comes to working with Tilly.  The baby monitor reaches all the way to the shed so that Ian can be working outside while she naps.  The pack n’ play will keep our soon to be crawler out of trouble while we weed the garden or clean out the chicken coop.

Working outside with a Moby rider
The other way we keep tabs on Tilly is to wear her.  We have a few different types of carriers and can get a lot done with our little helper along for the ride.  She gets plenty of attention while we stay on top of chores around the house and property.  Its a win-win.  
Sure, there are plenty of projects that we aren’t starting just yet.  I’m sure we’ll add more as we get the in swing of things.  Besides, we dream big around here. 
How do you manage your time?

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One thought on “Homesteading While Working Full Time

  1. Sounds like you have it really organized. It's great you're able to plan your week ahead too. I remember trying to manage gardening, canning and general homemaking with new babies. It was challenging without working full time. Glad you're able to pull it all together! 🙂


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