Baby’s Best Friend

Fenway, our beagle / pointer mix, has been a part of our family for over 3 years now.  I lovingly and jokingly refer to him as “my first baby” quite a bit.  When I was pregnant people were always asking us  how Fenway was going to take having a baby “sister”.  We always said he was going to handle it just fine and we were right.  He loves people, heck I’m pretty sure he thinks he is a person, so Tilly is just one more person for him to love…and boy does he ever!

Fenway “helping” 
Fenway routinely spends nap time sitting on our bed watching Tilly as she sleeps in her swing.  When she wakes up, he comes running downstairs to get us.  He’ll stand at the bottom of the stairs and whine until we follow him back up to get her.

Tilly, at 6 days old, hugging her best friend
Tilly loves Fenway just as much as he loves her.  She will happily sit propped against him, running her hands across his back.  He’ll sit still the whole time, only moving to try and give her hands a lick. 
They make quite a pair, I can’t wait to see them interact even more as she gets older and I really can’t wait till he can sleep in her room instead of trying to steal my pillow all night.

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