Simple Father’s Day Surprises

Father’s Day is a perfect holiday for homemade gifts, they can be so much more personal and meaningful than store bought gifts and are a great way to get the kids involved. Plus, they can be very inexpensive which is never a bad thing.  I can’t tell you what Matilda and I are doing for Ian this year (He’ll read the post and the secret will be out) but here are some other fun ideas.

1. “Pop” bottles:  I made this for Ian last year, when I was pregnant with Tilly.  It was super easy and he loved it!

2. Coupon Card: This one is great for older kids.  Have them create a little book of coupons that dad can turn in for things like “One free car wash” or “One batch of chocolate chip cookies”.

3. Grill Master: Daddies love to grill (at least all the daddies I know) and grilling requires a good apron. Bust out the fabric paint and make it personal.

A personalized apron hand painted by little hands, with a little help from mommy

4. Get Cooking: Cook up dad’s favorite meal and have the little waiters /waitresses serve it to him.  Decorate the table with some drawings or art projects to make it even more special.

5. Desk Decorator: Does daddy work in an office? Have the kids paint or draw a series of small pictures and put them in some matching frames, they can sit on a windowsill or bookshelf and brighten up the office.  Plus, dad will get to show them off to everyone.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Father’s Day?

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