Summer Cleaning

I know the phrase is “Spring Cleaning” but it’s summer already so lets go with it.  Besides, you really should clean your house in the spring and the summer.  As a camp director, summer is my busy time so there are few things that I do to get the house prepared.

1. Dust and wipe down the ceiling fans.  A disturbing amount of dust collects on top of those things, and while I dust them from time to time (read: when I remember) they always get a good cleaning before gets too hot and we are using them all the time.

2.  Wipe down inside the window frames.  No matter how tight your windows are, dust and random dead lady bugs always seem to accumulate between the glass and the screen.  I pop the screen out and give them a good cleaning before we start keeping them open through the summer.  I prefer to use natural cleaners and my usual mix is vinegar, water, and little bit of citrus (lemon or orange) oil.

3.  Sweep the porch and outside walkways.  I like to walk around barefoot most of the summer so I always give the cement walkways, stairs and porch a good sweeping.  I’ll do a quick sweep through out the summer but the first time after the winter is always the messiest.

Getting a little sunshine

4.  Shake out and air out the rugs.  Most of our house is hardwood floors with small area rugs.  They get vacuumed regularly but I try to get them outside in the sunshine for a good airing out.  They come back in so much fresher and even after having been vacuumed it’s amazing how much dust and dirt comes out of them.

5.  Change out the bedding.  In the winter we keep a heavy comforter on our bed.  It keeps us nice and cozy even if the fire goes out.  The second floor of our house gets really hot in the summer time so we switch to a light weight blanket and even that ends up on the floor most nights.  Once I change the blankets the winter comforter goes out on the clothes line for a good airing out, just like the rugs, and the diapers, and pretty much everything else.  I love my clothes line!

6.  Shave the dog…okay, I’m joking.  Although, with the way he sheds all summer, I should probably consider it.  My vacuum cleaner would thank me.

What do you do to get ready for summer?

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3 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning

  1. We have really been working at decluttering. With all the outdoor projects we have been doing lately (gardening, building and chicken coop and just having fun) we are tracking in a lot of dirt – I hope to do some thorough cleaning when I have some of the outdoor projects done.


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