Freezing Fresh Herbs

Camp is in full swing (Did you know I’m a camp director in “real life”?) and with camp comes lots of fresh produce from our two big gardens.  After our weekly farm stand, the leftovers are usually divided among the staff.  I’m not one to say no to fresh fruits and veggies so I always bring home a lot.
Last week I ended up with a big bag of mixed green and purple basil.  It was way more than I was going to be able to use so I searched the internet (Thank you Pinterest) for an easy way to preserve it.

And so I give you…basil cubes (catchy I know).

First, I chopped all the basil up in smallish bits and put it in a bowl.
Then, I minced enough garlic to make it a pretty even basil to garlic ratio and added that to the bowl.
I went ahead and mixed it up till the basil and the garlic had made friends.
I cleaned an ice cube tray and put a spoonful of the basil garlic mixture in each cube.  I filled them a little more than halfway.
Then, I  filled each cube the rest of the way with olive oil and stuck the whole thing into the freezer.
Once frozen, I popped the cubes out of the tray and put them in a small freezer bag

Now anytime I am cooking I can throw a basil cube in the pan instead of straight olive oil and I’m ready to go!

This would work great with any fresh herbs, I just happened to have basil and threw the garlic in because nothing goes together better than fresh basil and garlic.

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5 thoughts on “Freezing Fresh Herbs

  1. I need to find ways to use more fresh herbs (and also cook more at home). I think this is a fab idea of yours. We participated in one of those…oh, there's a name for it; can't remember how to coin it…farm-share projects where the farmer would deliver a big box of produce to my husband at his job; a seasonal-weekly thing we paid for over some number of weeks. It was pretty wilted by the end of the day and after my husband's hour-long commute from his work. I'd look at the box in dismay, feeling somewhat overwhelmed and not even knowing what some of the produce actually WAS…and just hated any waste. I swore before we ever did that again to educate myself about more veggies and herbs (still getting there on that), specifically to figure out how to be creative with stuff from the garden of which I'm not too familiar. One thing we grew in our own garden this year was the white radishes (look like white carrots; Daikons I think)…they were prolific…and I found them so earthy and flavorful that I really had to watch how many I put in a soup or they'd be too overpowering. I have revisited your tomato sauce recipe right now because I like easy, smart, healthy and good…remembered you had a sensible recipe; I have tomatoes coming out my ears right now. I've really enjoyed growing the rainbow chard here in SoCal this year and the kale is coming up. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I know very little about kale and it's sort of the “it” veggie right now, I know, I know!! Thanks again for this great preserving/freezing idea for fresh herbs; keep the great ideas coming!

    Can I just say that when I was a kid out here in California, my dream was to ever be able to go to summer camp in Maine. The subject came up more than once in my childhood/adolescent fiction reading and I just thought it was a heavenly prospect. This was cemented by the Disney movie (Hayley Mills, not Lindsay Lohan) called, “The Parent Trap” where the two long-lost sisters/twins met by happenstance. Summer camp seemed like one big great adventure and the most I ever was exposed to it was Girl Scout one-day camp at a local park. Would love to hear about some of the fun things you do in camp if you are inclined to share. Having youth of any age plant flowers and veggies is always a good thing; one of my earliest memories with Mom was planting a zinnia patch in a sunny part of the yard.


  2. Hi Vicki,
    I'm just starting to get adventurous with our produce, I mostly stick with things I know but pinterest has helped me figure out what to do with the fun things I find at the farmers market.
    I've been a camper my whole life and can't imagine life without it. I've been thinking about putting together a post of favorite activities from our farm / garden program. I absolutely love getting gets out in the garden!


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