Teaching Kids to Love Homesteading Part 3: Cooking Real Food

This is part 3 of our series on teaching kids to love and appreciate the homesteading lifestyle.  You can read part 1 on gardening HERE and part 2 on raising animals HERE.

Kids love to eat, thats not the issue.  The issue is getting kids to eat the food you grow on your homestead.

1. Get them involved from the beginning: Check out the first two posts in this series for ideas.  I’ve found that kids are more likely to eat something that they have grown themselves or at least helped with.

2. Start small: If you are trying to switch your family to a real food diet than start small.  A lot of big changes all at once can be overwhelming for kids.  Make one or two small substitutions at a time and start with the things that kids are familiar with like whole wheat pasta instead of regular.

3. Let them choose: Take your kids with you to the farmers market or out to your gardens and let them pick out one new thing or if they are older let them put together an entire meal.  Keep healthy cook books around and let them flip through them in search of new recipes to try. 

4. Teach them to cook: Kids are more likely to try something new if they helped make it.  So get them involved in the kitchen.  Many hands make light work and it you are teaching them valuable skills for the future.

5. Be patient: I have read that you typically need to try a new food seven times before you can get adjusted to it.  Start with small tastes and work your way up.

I have really enjoyed sharing this series with you, I hope you were able to pick up some ideas to help make your homestead kid friendly.  Please feel free to ask questions and share your ideas or experiences in the comments!

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