Summer Projects

I know its been quiet around here lately but summer is our busy season and boy has it been busy.  The good news is that camp is done for the year so I am back to working “normal people” hours…the sad news is that camp is done for the year.

Really though, I promise to get some posts written real soon.  Until then here is a random list of things we did this summer…and pictures because those make blog posts more fun.

Replaced our front steps

After the destruction
New and improved

The front steps were old, poorly made, and literally crumbling out from under us.  With a rented jackhammer and brute strength Ian tore the old ones out.  We replaced them with a pretty new set with a big top step that Fenway loves to lay on.

Hung diapers out to dry

Aren’t cloth diapers cute?

and clothes, and dish rags, and anything else I could find… I love my clothes line.

Brewed water kefir

raspberry and blueberry oh my!

I’m still getting the hang of it but it seems to be working well.  Its a nice fizzy replacement for soda and its been fun experimenting with all sorts of flavor combinations.  Vanilla “cream soda” is my favorite so far.  

Ate solid foods

Tilly enjoying some scrambled egg

This was only a big deal for one of us.  Tilly has had a ton of fun trying new foods and thankfully really enjoys just about everything that we send her way…except green beans, she hated green beans!

Now, that life is settling back down we have lots of new projects on the horizon.  Including, introducing 5 new hens to our flock and lots of canning and pickling as we head into fall.
What have you been working on?
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