Freezing Fresh Produce

I love to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season, and in turn cheaper, but once you get them home its a matter of figuring out what to do with them.

I love to pickle and can but freezing is my go-to way of preserving.  It is quick and easy and since we purchased my favorite appliance, I have plenty of room.  I’ll even freeze produce that I plan to can later on since my summers are so busy.

Freezing Fresh Produce

Clean produce

Cut it into usable pieces (if big like tomatoes)

Spread out on a cookie sheet so that no pieces are touching

Stick the whole sheet in the freezer and leave it until they are frozen all the way through (a couple hours).

Remove from the sheet and store in labeled freezer bags or containers.

Tadah! I told you it was easy…what are you freezing these days?
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