Scenes from the Homestead: Fall

We’ve been busy around here…don’t I always say that? well, it’s always true. We’re busy people with long to-do lists and that suits us just fine.  Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to fill you all in on what we’ve got going on, so consider this your catch up.

  • I left my job at camp, where i had worked for 8 years and started a new one, at a school working with autistic middle schoolers.

  • We took Tilly (who will be 1 in less than a month!) to the pumpkin patch and corn maze because what is fall without pumpkins and corn mazes.

  • Lots and lots of canning happened and is still happening. Peach butter, mixed berry jam, pickles, and tomato puree are done and we’ve got apples coming soon and there are still 2 bags of peppers in the freezer waiting to be made into jelly.  

The chickens clucked, Fenway ran around, and life moved on…

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