Precious Cargo – Car Seat Safety

A guest post by Ruth Van Petten*

Things You Should Know about Car Seats
1: Read the manual! Sounds exciting, I know, but it is important to read about your car seat’s height and weight requirements as well as proper instillation. You might want to peruse the child seat section of your vehicle manual as well.

2: It is a chest clip, not a belly clip. Proper placement is important for keeping little ones secured in their seats.

3. A step ‘up’ in car seats is a step down in safety. I know we get excited as our kids are growing and hitting milestones but we don’t want to rush things put their safety at risk. Keep them rear-facing as long as possible, keep them harnessed as long as possible, keep them boostered as long as possible- car seat belts are designed for adults, car seats and boosters are to keep kids safe in those seatbelts.

4. Rear-facing (something I am rather passionate about) is the safest way for our littles to travel. The AAP and NHTSA recommend that all children stay rear-facing until 2yrs or they reach the weight/height limit of the seat, whichever comes later. Yes, in most places it is legal to forward face at 1yr AND 20lbs but legal does not equal safest. I mean smoking cigarettes is legal but I definitely wouldn’t call it safe.

I have heard a lot of ‘my kid is too big” “my kid will be squished” and that is just not true. My daughter is 2yrs and 9mos, 36ish inches, and 33lbs and she rearfaces just fine. She has no problem seeing things out the window either J


5. Infant carriers were not designed to go on shopping carts! They make them top heavy. Even if your seat ‘clicks’ in, it is still not safe, they were meant to click into strollers (which are much lower to the ground and designed for car seats) not shopping carts. PLEASE- put your infant seat in the basket of the shopping cart or babywear  while shopping.

6. Winter coats and car seats don’t mix. Here is a video that shows why:
What to do instead? Fleece jackets are great, warm up your car, use a car seat poncho, blankets, and/or put the puffy coat on backwards after your kidlet is buckled into their seat.

7. LATCH has weight limits! Reading your vehicle manual you may have noticed that there is a weight limit for LATCH. It varies from one vehicle manufacturer to the next but most GM vehicles have a 48lbs limit so once your child weighs more than that you need install with a seat belt. Some vehicles/car seats have a 40lbs limit, check your manual or call a dealership for info on your vehicle.

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*Ruth lives outside of Seattle (waaaay out, in the boonies) and has been a Navy wife for almost 12 years. She has spent most of her adulthood working with kids ages 6 weeks to 6th grade and has spent the past 2+yrs hanging out with her own little firecracker.

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5 thoughts on “Precious Cargo – Car Seat Safety

  1. I did not know that about LATCH. (Our cars are both still way older than that, so LATCH has not really been on our radar yet.)

    Lots of great points here! I want to add that IF your child truly is too huge for a carseat (I had a sister like that – not just tall enough to have to fold her legs, etc., but truly too large to *stuff* into the seat well before most kids had outgrown theirs), he's probably also big and sturdy enough to be truly SAFE in that next step up. But in the meantime, kids won't think anything of having to fold their legs to fit in a certain seat unless WE make an issue of it.


  2. Great post: it has catched my attention because we have to buy a carseat for our baby daughter (now she's 9 months). here in europe, and in italy in particular, laws are changing in this moment, and there's a lot of talk about rear facing (it's non required by law after 9 months) vs front one. My hubby and I did a ton of research and decided that making our baby travelling rear faced as long as possibile is the best way for her: your post confirmed me about it. Thank you for sharing your experences about your baby daughter and research!
    (I've found your post at frugal by choice, another great blog!)


  3. Safety is important during drive in all seasons while hiring any car from car rental service kindly check rented vehicles overall condition. Driving safely may decrease many certain or un certain risk its a true facts well mostly people done pathetic driving after renting a car from rent a car services they totally disobey all rules regulation just for fun.


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