Meal Plan 12/16/13

Alright ya’ll here is the deal, on Mondays I plan for the week.  I’ll try and link up recipes when I have them and you can check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas and inspiration. 
Breakfasts: We have a variety of breakfast items kicking around the house and pick and choose as we go.  This week we have yogurt, cereal, and whole wheat pumpkin muffins (homemade).

Lunches: I typically pack our lunches the night before.  Most of the time it is leftovers from dinners but some of our other favorites include, english muffin pizzas, quesadillas, crackers and hummus, and sandwiches.

Dinners: I plan these out one for each night.  Typically we’ll have a “breakfast for dinner” night once a week and at least one “meatless meal”.  I try to stick to traditional real food (no food dyes, artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners)  I also try to make as much from scratch as possible, it is cheaper that way and I can control the type and source of my ingredients.

Note: Tilly eats the same things we do because 1. I don’t want to make extra work for myself and 2. I want her to be exposed to lots of different flavors and textures.  I just make sure things are cut into pieces she can handle.

Week of 12/16/13
Monday: Ian has band practice so Tilly and I will probably eat oatmeal or some other food that he thinks is disgusting

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs and biscuits

Wednesday: Calzones. I make a whole wheat pizza dough with my bread maker.  Ian and I will have italian sausage in ours and Tilly will have veggies and cheese. 

Thursday: Crock pot clam chowder (I ended up not making this last week so we’ll try again this week. 

Friday: We usually grab sandwiches before heading to Fenways “puppy play date” with Randy the bulldog.  We visit with friends, watch hockey (go Bruins!) and Fenway and Randy chase each other around the house.  Everyone is happy.

Saturday: Leftover night

Sunday: Tomato soup with ravioli  

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