Hot Cocoa Snowmen Gift Idea

I made these absolutely adorable hot chocolate snowmen for Tilly’s day care teachers.  I figured they would get a kick out of something made from baby food jars, and they could probably use a nice cup of hot chocolate after spending the day in a room full of yelling, pooping, nap-refusing, toddlers…not that my child is like that, she’s a total angel.  

I cleaned and dried 3 baby food jars.  Painted the lid of the first one black, put a little snowman face on it (I used paint pens) and filled it with mini marshmallows.  For the second one, I painted 3 little buttons down the front, painted the cap white, and filled it with hot cocoa mix.  For the third one, I painted the lid white and filled it with crushed up candy canes.  

 I hot glued the three jars together and added a red yarn scarf between the first and second jar.  The only trouble I ran into was making sure that the jars were straight, the glue made it very hard to rearrange once they were put together.  

You could easily use mason jars for this.  They make the small jam jars that would be the perfect size! 

I love giving handmade gifts at Christmas, they just feel more personal to me.   

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