Getting Organized

Last year I did a series on our home management binder (part 1, part 2, and part 3) and while parts of it still work for us, we realized this week that we needed an organization overhaul.  You see, this week I had two days of work trainings which left me out of the house from 7am until 5:30pm.  Pair that with a snowstorm and a teething toddler and you’ve got one doozy of a week.  By the time we hit Friday evening we realized we were in over our heads and needed to get organized quick.

To start with, we brainstormed a list of things that need to get done every day.

Dishes: Unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, hand wash the things that need it
School Prep: Pack lunches, bags, any lesson planning or reports
Meal Prep: Take things out to thaw, set up the crock pot, whatever needs to happen for the next day
Laundry: This will vary by day, some days its folding and some days its washing / drying
Toy Clean Up: Put all the toys back in the toy bin, stack up the story books on the shelf

Then we brainstormed a list of things that we need to do every week and assigned them each to a day.

Monday: Diapers and sweeping
Tuesday: Trash and recycling, finish diapers (they have to hang dry)
Wednesday: Bathrooms and put away laundry
Thursday: Kitchen (counters and table) and refrigerator / pantry
Friday: OFF! Hang out and relax
Saturday: Vacuuming and put away laundry
Sunday: Odds and ends (basically, anything we didn’t get to through out the week)

To keep it all fresh in our minds, and to keep us motivated, we typed both lists into charts.  The printed and laminated charts got hung on our freezer with a dry erase marker.  Now, whenever we complete a task we can cross it off (I love crossing things off a list!) and we can wipe them clean at the end of the day / week.

We’ve only been at it for a day but already it seems to be helping. Its 10:40am and we’ve already managed to get the Saturday “laundry put away” done as well as the daily dishes and laundry.  It’s definitely less overwhelming to look at a chart and know that I only have to tackle two tasks and it’s freeing up more time for fun things like blogging, story book reading, and dog wrestling matches.

What ways do you stay organized? I’d love to hear your suggestions

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