Toddler Lunch Ideas

I have been packing lunches for Matilda to take to day care since she started eating solid foods.  When I started out I didn’t think it would be all that complicated…turns out it was.
I don’t know if you know this or not but toddlers are picky and what they decide to be picky about tends to change on a daily basis.  I have to get creative to keep up with her, but that statement is true about everything, not just lunches.

I compiled a list of my most successful lunches, lets call it “Tilly’s Top Ten”.  Hopefully, it will help you with your lunch packing (or lunch serving) should you have to get creative.

*I usually send 1 to 2 snacks along with her lunch.  Her day care typically provides some snacks but I always send some along in case she is being picky and doesn’t want what they have or won’t eat her lunch.   Her favorite snacks include: Apple sauce, veggie sticks or rice puffs (we like Pirate Brand), raisins, yogurt drops (we like Happy Family Brand), and hard boiled eggs.  

Tilly’s Top Ten:


1. Pancake with jam

2. Grilled cheese

English muffin pizza, rasins, rice puffs

3. Whole wheat english muffin pizza

4. Pasta with tomato sauce 

5. Zucchini bread with cream cheese

Nitrate free turkey & cheese, veggie sticks, yogurt drops

6. Shredded turkey and cheese

7. Black bean (pureed) and cheese quesadilla 

Pumpkin baked oatmeal, applesauce and dry cereal

8. Baked oatmeal 

9. Hummus and crackers

10. Scrambled eggs and toast

The list is always changing but this is what she likes best right now.  What is your little ones favorite lunch? 

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14 thoughts on “Toddler Lunch Ideas

  1. Bless you! My toddler stays at home which you would think opened up the lunch possibilities, but I've hit a culinary brick wall lately. Thanks for the ideas (I jotted them down next to my sudoku puzzle and will stick on the fridge after I figure out this last square lol).

    Share with me! Hops every Friday (entries accepted until Thursday @ noon)


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