5 Things I Learned This Winter

1. The power of immune boosters
Between the students at school and Tilly at day care we’ve been exposed to every cough, cold, and stomach bug that’s out there but despite it all we’ve been relatively healthy.  I’ve been sticking with natural immune boosters and homeopathic remedies as needed and it’s definitely working.  We take elderberry extract every day in the winter time and add echinacea when we feel like we might be coming down with something.  Those along with healthy meals full of fruits and veggies and lots of sleep have been keeping us healthy.

2. Stock up, stock up, stock up, and then stock up some more
We are out of fire wood. As in, the shed is empty.  We cut as much as we could but with the polar vortex and 14 inches of snow our little stove just couldn’t keep up.  All we can do now is run the furnace and plan for next year (watch, we’ll cut a ton of fire wood and it will be unseasonably warm all winter).  The other thing we’re planning for is our garden.  We ate through our canned and frozen produce a lot faster than I thought (Tilly loves her apple sauce).  We are hoping to put in a few rows along side the raised beds and add peas, corn, and strawberries to our usual mix.

3. It’s a good time to remodel the house
Winter is long, cold, and dark and to keep things fresh and interesting we decided to start a whole mess of house projects.  Well, that and we love a good project.  We are currently in the process of replacing all the tile in our kitchen / hallway / stairway and have reorganized both the pantry and Tilly’s room.   Winter is a great time for indoor projects since it’s too darn cold to work outside and it’s nice to still feel like we’re accomplishing things.

4. Know how to drive in the snow
Boarding schools never cancel is a frequent complaint of mine on facebook.  Both Ian and I work at a school with a residential program and staff need to be in to care for the students every day, no matter what the weather.  I am very thankful for our 4 wheel drive vehicles and have learned all about navigating the icy, unplowed, backroads.

5. Have fun!
You have to make the best of what you’ve got and this winter we’ve got snow.  We have suited up and gone sledding a bunch of times and have done some fun art projects with Tilly when it’s been too cold to go out.  Finger painting, coloring, and some water play have kept her and us busy and entertained during even the worst weather.

What lessons did this winter teach you?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned This Winter

  1. Coming from Modest Mondays…enjoyed your bright look at winter! It has been a long one for sure. As much as I love snow, and all of the drama that goes with it, even I am ready for Spring! Blessings.


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